ST-LINK clone

You can buy cheap ST-LINK V2 clones everywhere. I really like them, because of its small size and little price. But they have one disadvantage: they don’t expose nRST and SWO signals.

Admittedly, they have RST pin, but it is intended for programming the STM8 family and not used in STM32 mode.

Inspired by this article I made a modification of mine dongle:


As you can see, my clone has a different design, compared to that from lujji’s blog. Even the layout of header pins is different.

However, I managed to figure out the route of tracks connected to RST and SWIM pins. I’ve cut them and connected to PB0 (pin 18) and PA10 (pin 31) respectively. For easy soldering, I gently bent up the appropriate pins of STM32F101.

Now the nRST and SWO signals are on pins labeled RST and SWIM.