Ebyte breakout board

This is my hand made breakout board for Ebyte E73-2G4M04S module.

Don’t try to do it yourself, its not worth the time spent on it.

I needed something to test the purchased E73-2G4M04S modules. I attached the module with double-sided tape and started soldering with the idea to expose only few pins. I ended with something like this. It will take much less time, less frazzle of nerves and less flux in your lungs if you design a PCB and send it to some factory.

However, the pin layout is worth attention:

[Ebyte breakout pins]

It makes pin finding easier thanks to double GND pins between Px4, Px5 and Px9, Px0. It also exposes many GND and 3.3V pins for direct connections. Its SWD connector is compatible with ST-LINK V2 programmer (straight connections). At the same time it stays breadboard friendly:

[Ebyte breadboard]

The pins with yellow jumper allow to connect a microamp meter to mesure the module power consumption.